CHS posts highest graduation rate in 3 years


Carrollton High School posted its highest graduation rate in the past three years at 91.3 percent, an accomplishment that demonstrates the school’s focus on ensuring all students have the resources – and support – to earn a high school diploma.

The CHS graduating class of 2016 awarded diplomas to 341 students, a significant increase when compared to the class of 2012 with 288 graduates. Over the past decade, the entire Carrollton City School System has seen a boost in enrollment by nearly 40 percent. As groups of students move from grade to grade, Carrollton High School’s enrollment is impacted, which is in addition to the number of students transferring from other districts and enrolling as non-residents. 

“Parents choose Carrollton City Schools because they know the academic and extracurricular opportunities will provide a foundation to not only graduate high school but provide them great post-secondary options,” said Dr. Mark Albertus, superintendent of Carrollton City Schools.

In the Class of 2016, 25 of the 35 CHS students, or 71 percent, who applied to the University of Georgia were accepted, well above UGA’s acceptance average of 53 percent. At the Georgia Institute of Technology, nine of the 15 students, or 60 percent, who applied there were accepted, far above the institute’s 25 percent average. In addition, seven of the nine were accepted through early decision.  Of the 341 total graduates, 61 percent received at least the HOPE Scholarship and of those, 83 additionally received  almost $14.1 million in scholarship awards to a variety of prestigious universities including Massachusetts Institute of  Technology, Vanderbilt University and New York University.

This steadfast commitment to provide each student with a challenging learning environment and the skills needed to be successful beyond their K-12 educational experience is paramount, said CHS Principal David Brooks.

“I cannot express enough how proud I am of our students and teachers in maintaining such high expectations in the face of the increased rigor found in the state’s academic standards,” he said. “As our numbers have grown, we have remained true to our relentless pursuit of excellence, and this is demonstrated by the continuous increase of the high school graduation rate.”

One program that has helped increase the graduation rate is the Performance Learning Center, which was launched the 2013-2014 school year, said Brooks. Students who signed up for the program had the opportunity to attend classes in a supportive, flexible learning environment. Brooks said the customized approach in this design has been beneficial in helping these students achieve what may have seemed out of reach – a high school diploma.  

Yet the PLC is one of many strategically-designed supports to encourage students to graduation. Whether it is a focus on visual or performing arts, participation in one of the many athletic teams, or engaging in world-class academic studies, every experience is structured to maintain student interest in participating and graduating from high school, said Dr. Mark Albertus, superintendent of Carrollton City Schools, who also served as principal for CHS for eight years.

“Whether students need the academic rigor of our International Baccalaureate program and 16 Advanced Placement courses, or require increased flexibility in their learning environment, Carrollton High School is able to provide the time, energy, and resources to meet their needs,” he said. “Graduation is the ultimate goal we have for each and every student who is enrolled in our district. Our school board and community are passionate about providing the highest quality of education for our students, and the continuous increase in our graduation rate is evidence of this commitment.”