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What is Title I?

Title I is a federally-funded program which provides services to schools based on student economic need. Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act provides financial assistance to state and local educational agencies to meet the needs of at-risk children. The goal of Title I is to provide instructional services and activities which support students in meeting the state’s challenging performance standards. A Title I school-wide program permits schools to use resources to upgrade the entire educational program of the school and to raise academic achievement for all the students.

Every Title I School Has

• A comprehensive needs assessment of the school
• Proven methods and strategies for student learning, teaching, and school management based on scientific research
and effective practices
• Instruction by highly-qualified teachers
• High quality, ongoing, professional development based on scientifically-based research for teachers, principals
and paraprofessionals
• Strategies to attract high-quality, highly-qualified teachers to high need schools
• Strategies to increase parent involvement, such as family literacy services
• Plans for assisting preschool children in the transition from early childhood programs
• Measures to include teachers in decisions regarding the use of academic assessments
• Activities to ensure that students having difficulty mastering the proficient or advanced levels of academic
achievement standards shall be provided with effective, timely, additional assistance
• Coordination and integration of federal, state, and local services and programs

The following Carrollton City School System schools are designated as Title I School-wide programs:

Carrollton Elementary School
Carrollton Middle School